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Send unique, automated cold emails at scale, and boost your conversion rates by 30% with AI. All the benefits of a powerful cold-mailing tool, at the best price!

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Studies show template cold emails have a 5% open rate, while personalized ones hit 30%. We leverage your prospect's LinkedIn profile to upgrade your cold emails, adding a personal touch and boosting success by 70%.

Send cold email at scale

Connect unlimited mailboxes and boost your revenue by 40% through personalized cold emails and targeted campaigns.Secure more deals, attract new clients, and experience substantial overall growth!

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Cold Email Platforms

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$20 per month

✅ Active Contacts: 1,000
✅ Emails: 6,000
✅ Email Validation Credits: 100
✅ Email Personalization: 100
✅ Unlimited Email Accounts
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